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About Us

CooolToool is situated in Riga, Latvia We develop and then adapt, fit and remodel educational simulations and math board games for different markets in cooperation with Nordic Group Ltd. (Nordic Training International). 

Games are included in the 'learning by doing' category as one of the most effective educational methods, that's why we believe it will have a huge popularity all over the world.

Our high quality board games provide opportunities to teach both math and life skills training in an entertaining and engaging way for students in grades 5-12.


•       Improved quality of the learning process.
•       Improved student involvement and concentration during the class.
•       Increased motivation of students to acquire knowledge and skills.
•       Increased interactivity and dynamics in the classroom.
•       Knowledge translates to skills directly.

We believe this is something that schools/colleges would be really interested in. Through our games we understand that learning can be easy, exciting and fun.


The board games are in the adaptation stage for the American education system. Some of them have already been remade and adapted and are ready to be used in the US.

Remember - Learning is not a moil or a torment, Learning is a pleasure! 
And we are absolutely sure of that!
Just let us prove it.




Business partners:

  • NTI Group - business games developer
  • Viennese - psychological board games deveoper
  • I'm games - educational and experimental learning games developer
  • Nasco -  our product distributor


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Skills Training board games


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