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Short description

“Symmetrix” is mathematics/geometry game that helps students to form symmetrical figures on a board with a point of symmetry or symmetry lines.

Target audience

Grades: 6-8

Topics covered

Symmetry about a point, symmetry about an axis

Game description (gameplay)

Players have to build symmetry using game pieces of different shapes. There are three different variations of the game: 1) Players build symmetry about any axis on the board. 2) Players build symmetry about any point on the board. 3) Players build symmetry both about an axis and a point. The first player who makes at least 4 cell figure, which is symmetric about the axis or a point, wins.


Deepened symmetry understanding

Increased motivation to study symmetry

Skills learned

Strategic thinking


15-20 minutes

Number of players


Application possibilities

To introduce the subject before teaching symmetry

For review, after teaching symmetry

What is included?

Game board, 18 game pieces (rectangles) in a size of 1 by 2 cells, 30 game pieces (squares) in a size 1 by 1 cell, 12 game pieces in a size of 3 cells, rules.


Rules of the game: 

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