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2 may 2017  
The New 'MATHEMOPOLY' game for FREE
Math Teachers! Do you want more student involvement and interaction in your classroom? Download FREE Mathemopoly boardgame, grade 5-7, to teach mathematical expressions and finding the unknown values. Print it and use it with your students! You will get: 1) game…
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10 april 2017  
NCTM 2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition
NCTM  Annual Meeting and Exposition is the leading math education event of the year. Network with thousands of math education professionals to exchange ideas, engage with innovation in the field and discover new learning practices that will drive student…
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16 january 2017  
Playing board games twice a week increased the brain speed scores of elementary students by a staggering 27 - 32%!
Children of all ages want and need to spend time with parents and friends, why not use this time in an activity that is loads of fun and works your brain, which is a muscle after all – playing board games!      Some highlights…
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9 december 2016  
The Benefits of Board Games
What your child most wants — and needs — is to be with you with no goal in mind beyond the joy of spending time together. He wants you to take pleasure in him, play with him, and listen to him. Nothing bolsters his self-esteem more! So why not pull out a…
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7 november 2016  
ECRM Educational Supplies EPPS 2017
It’s been almost a year since our last participation at one of the best educational shows in the USA. ECRM Educational Supplies EPPS is going to take place at the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort in Braselton, GA from 02/06/2017-02/08/2017.   Our last year…
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5 may 2016  
Buy CooolToool games here:
Here are some links to one of our distributors Nasco:   Mathrimino - - -…
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25 january 2016  
Spielwarenmesse 2016
We are happy to announce our participation at Spielwarenmesse 2016 from 27 January to 1 February in Nuremberg, Germany. Spielwarenmesse is one of the world's biggest toy fairs.This is where international toy markets come together: renowned brands, trendy start-ups,…
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22 september 2015  
Coooltoool MATH board games will be included into Nasco catalog 2016.
Here is the list and illustrations of CT math games:   1. Solve it 2. Mathrimino 3. Geometric Pattern 4. Roofer 5. Shepherd 6. Simmetrix                  …
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1 june 2015  
Some of the reasons we play
to learn new skills to create to feel chalenged to lose ourselves in a pleasurable activity to calm and focus ourselves to improve relationships competitively to win cooperatively to have fun Play more and make your life better!    
3 may 2015  
Develop your playful side!
  It’s never too late to develop your playful side. If you find yourself limiting your playfulness, it's possible that you're self-conscious and concerned about how you'll look and sound to others when you attempt to be lighthearted. Fearing rejection…
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9 march 2015  
ECRM Educational Supplies 2015
We recently returned from St. Petersburg, Florida, where we were privileged to be able to attend the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Educational Supplies 2015 event.   During our time there we had over 60 one-to-one meetings with Retailers,…
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12 january 2015  
The International Toy Fear 2015 in Nuremberg. Here we come!:)
We are happy to announce our participation in the International Toy Fair that will take place on 6 days from Wednesday, 28 January to Monday, 2 February 2015 in Nuremberg. The international Toy fair in Nuremberg is one of the world's biggest toy fairs. This is…
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13 october 2014  
World's biggest Toy fair 2014 opens in Essen Messe from 16-19th of October.
Hundreds of toy and game-makers from around the world are showcasing their new games in the hope of making it onto children's and adults Christmas wish-lists at the world’s biggest toy fair in Essen.  The four-day toy fair opens on 16th of October and has…
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2 september 2014  
This Phrase made my day
"Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds." -- Plato (427 BC – 347 BC)
7 april 2014  
Great article about Educational board games!;)
"All children can benefit from playful learning, but game-based learning is an excellent choice when teaching children who need to learn in a more visual, hands-on, or active way, and for those with attentional issues.” Full-text article here:…
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24 march 2014  
Some great news here!
We are very happy to see the huge interest from American people for our hands-on games.During the Exhibiting in Ed Expo 2014 in Dallas, lots of people asked where could they can purchase our games because we offer something unique and special. There is nothing like…
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1 march 2014  
CooolToool participates in Ed Expo 2014
From 8 to 11 of March CooolToool team participates in one of the largest tradeshows of products for students and educators from Pre K through Higher Ed - ED EXPO 2014 in Dallas, TX. Don't miss our newest presentations of Teaching Board Games For Schools and Golleges…
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27 february 2014  
Our New Math Board Games!
Our new Mathematics board games!We are happy about the newest members in CooolToool educational games family.We have developed four new games to make Mathematics learning process more interesting and exciting:'Mathrimino', where students will learn various types of…
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3 november 2013  
Our impressions of the NCTM 2013 Regional Conference & Exposition, Baltimore, Maryland
It was the first time that we were exhibitors of our board games at the conference in the USA. It was a really valuable experience for us as new players in the American educational field. We had a booth with a cozy green carpet that, together with our smiles and good…
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14 october 2013  
Participation in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2013 Regional Conference & Exposition, Baltimore, Maryland
We are proud to announce our participation in the NCTM 2013 Regional Conference & Exposition in Baltimore,  fall math education event. The event allows you to explore more than 200 presentations targeted by grade levels and special topics. The…
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