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Participation in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2013 Regional Conference & Exposition, Baltimore, Maryland

We are proud to announce our participation in the NCTM 2013 Regional Conference & Exposition in Baltimore,  fall math education event.

The event allows you to explore more than 200 presentations targeted by grade levels and special topics.

The conference gives additional knowledge to everyone from classroom teacher or  administrator to  teacher-in-training, to math specialist.


Coool Toool will represent board games that have been adapted for the US market at the NCTM 2013 Regional Conference & Exposition.

Educational board games:

Mathematics - The hunt, Slater

Chemistry - Mendeleyev's dream, LAB Cabinet


Youth board games:
School life
Start business
Real life


You will also be able to explore our other board games for biology, physics, mathematics and chemistry.


Meet us and explore Coool Toool board games!



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