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School Life







Short description

“School Life” is a career choice game that shows why subjects studied at school are needed for a future profession and adult life.

Target audience

High school students, Grades 10-12

Topics covered

Which school subjects are needed for different career choices and why?

Game description (gameplay)

Participants play two parallel lives at once - their present life at school and also an adult life 10-15 years from now. In order to choose a career path, you have to have attended several classes at school. In order to advance in your career you have to take more classes at school.


Increase in motivation to study school subjects

Skills learned

Tactical planning

Strategic planning

Communication skills


45 minutes or 2 hours

Number of players

Up to 8

Application possibilities

At any subject class

At carrier guidance events

What is included?

Game board, 1 Start token, 16 Go to the principal’s office tokens, 8 pawns, scoring card, game rules.


Rules of the game: 

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